About us

Real estate investors interested in buying or selling homes and investments within the wealthiest residential communities in Dubai and the UAE all do not need to look beyond ZTR real estate for the very best in real estate services and an exceptional range of premium housing along with innumerable advantages in finishing transactions Successful Real Estate.

In doing so we will learn the loyalty and trust of the customers who will become our long term partners. Our success will always be measured by the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers. We pride ourselves on transparency and give all customers the highest level of service and care, paying full attention to their individual needs and circumstances.

Ztr is a full services real estate investment company that helps investors with high net worth adding the power of global real estate to their portfolios. We have worked closely with developers from the very beginning, building strong partnerships against the backdrop of our business model and global expansion. Headquartered in Dubai, we have access to an exceptional customer base of long term property investors looking for high quality opportunities in global real estate. These investors trust us to do hard work for them, to source and make well-considered and reliable investments from some of the best developers in the world.