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London is considered the most desired location in the world to buy property, it offers a transparent government and political stability allowing our foreign clients to make a safe investment. It offers world class education, shopping and restaurant and above all is the worldwide HQ for business and still remains the financial capital of UK. 

The UK has historically always been an area that people have invested in from around the world. Due to it being one of the most financially and politically stable countries in the world. 

Foreign Investors are increasing their grip on the capitals prime property where residential prices have always risen even being recession, proof throughout the crisis. Investment is now moving from central London through to areas of greater London and other major cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds as investors can receive excellent capital growth with a high rental return which becomes a self sufficient investment. 

When looking at investment it boils down to supply and demand and there is currently a huge shortage of housing in the UK meaning that property will rent easily and sell easily as well as giving you good rental returns and capital growth. The final reason why a lot of GCC investors are purchasing within the UK currently is due to the Pound being at an all time low meaning properties in 2017 are 20% better priced than in 2015 just due to the currency. 

All the reasons above mean that it has never been a better time to invest in the UK. Please speak to one of our advisors at ZTR who will be able to guide you through the full range of options we have available and the purchase process right through you get the keys in your hand!