For our clients, the central focus of the ZTR business model is our comprehensive coverage of the real estate investment process. We work with investors from start to finish, from sourcing and financing through to acquisition and investment return, making the well recognized strength of real estate investment just another easily manageable and highly profitable aspect of an investor’s portfolio. 

Since its inception, our business has developed and cultivated a trusted brand that is sought out by high net worth investors around the world. We strive to deliver excellent investment returns and have built a reputation for integrity and reliability, built on a long standing record of rising to meet the challenges of the commitments we make. Our specialist team of Consultants represents our most direct link to our clients. They’re responsible for developing trusting long-term relationships through a process designed to create a detailed understanding of individual client investment needs. Thorough property knowledge and an up to date appreciation of every one of the markets in which we operate, they offer advice tailored to help each investor’s specific wealth strategy. 

Every investor is different, with a unique investment strategy, risk profile and market interest. We won’t presume to guess which elements of the ZTR proposition are most important to you, but we will say we’re confident we can make property investment work better for you than any other firm operating in our markets. 

The process of property investing begins with the in depth research and analysis that lets us source the world’s best real estate opportunities. Our consultancy service will then identify which of our first rate projects are best suited to your portfolio, and our financial partner will help you find a mortgaging solution that perfectly fits your needs. We’ll then manage the acquisition process for you, right through to completion, following which our partner will manage the ownership of your property, from tenanting to valuation. Finally, when the time comes, ZTR be there to support your exit strategy and ensure your investment achieves the best return possible.